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Calling all girls ages 13-18! Words2Action (W2A) the producers of TEDxPasadena, provide sponsorships for girls from Pasadena and surrounding areas.

Sponsorships include free attendance to TEDxPasadena: TRANSFORM 2018, as well as the chance to participate in several unique Words2Action opportunities throughout the year. This includes personalized curriculum inspired by the TED Red Circle, as well as local mentorships and internships. Participants will learn to transform spoken word into tangible action, one idea at a time. Apply Here! Applications will remain open until all sponsorships have been awarded.

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    Words2Action is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization (EIN 81-4946387) founded in support of the TEDxPasadena mission: To achieve parity for those with muted voice by transforming words into tangible action. All donations made to TEDxPasadena are tax-exempt under this partnership.

Our Partners Are Investors in Ideas—and Heroes of Hope.

As a TEDxPasadena Partner, you’re supporting a forum for great ideas.
And, when great ideas have a place to be heard, they gain the power to inspire change.

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