TEDxPasadenaWomen volunteer spotlight: Sunny Cui

Sunny Cui, TEDxPasadena Women

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in beautiful Vancouver, BC where it rains roughly 250 days a year. Now I am pursuing a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Caltech right here in Pasadena, CA where the sun is almost always out! Before joining TEDxPasadena as the Director of Interactive Space, I started and worked as the Co-Head Organizer of TEDxYouth@Granville.  When I am out of school, the lab and not working on TEDx, I enjoy hiking, playing piano, painting, shopping and going on food adventures. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainability and youth engagement, and love meeting like-minded individuals.

How did you get involved with TEDxPasadena Women?

I got involved with TEDxPasadenaWomen when I moved here for school. Initially, I was keep on joining TEDxCaltech, but was disappointed to find out that administration does not have the capacity to support the event anymore. Therefore, I did some research through the TED website and found Heather, our Executive Director. We found that we have a common vision for TEDx and our community and it all started from there!

What do you do as a volunteer for TEDxPasadena Women?

As the Director of Interactive Space, I meddle with almost everything outside the conference experience. From the moment attendees walk inside the venue, I want them to feel inspired by the Technology, Entertainment and Design that are not only the pillars of TED, but also reinforce TEDxPasadena’s theme and goal. I coordinate Partnerships with various companies and organizations to provide fun, challenging and/or unexpected activities that make networking at TEDxPasadena an unique and effortless experience.


TED/TEDx talk?
Amanda Palmer: The art of asking. It really changed my perspective on interacting with strangers and letting myself become more vulnerable to feedback.

Place: Any work friendly cafe

Restaurant: Lemonade or Abricott depending on my mood

Movie: Mean Girls or Despicable Me

TV show: Suits

Book: “Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything” by Malcom Gladwell

Food: Sushi

What is the best thing about volunteering for TEDxPasadena Women?
Being a part of a family of amazing women who have provided me with a tremendous amount of support and mentorship!

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