This year we’re thrilled to be partnering with a Pasadena-based design and branding agency that has helped us tremendously with translating our theme into a visual medium.

In July, we partnered with BC Design Haus, a women-owned small business that was established in 2009. It specializes in creative branding, understanding the power of design, and strives to help businesses achieve their goals to connect with their audience in a meaningful way, says CEO and creative director Bernadette Capulong.

The BC Design Haus team

The BC Design Haus team

Fun fact: This year, BC Design Haus moved its office to the CTRL Collective collaborative space in Pasadena (another one of our sponsors!) and added two new employees to its team. They celebrated the move with an open house with local community members, clients and friends.

Bernadette Capulong, CEO and creative director of BC Design Haus

Bernadette Capulong, CEO and creative director of BC Design Haus

Bernadette said that becoming a sponsor was an easy sell because the company has always wanted to be involved with TEDxPasadena in some capacity, and because it strongly believes in our mission and purpose.

“By being part of this organization, we hope to broaden our knowledge and stay informed on issues that matter in the community and at a global level,” she said. “Throughout this journey, we may discover something new where we can be proactive and make a difference. We are also interested in the opportunity to meet new friends and cultivate relationships.”

“We’re happy to be a contributing member and hope our participation can bring awareness to the mission and encourage others to give of their time and resources too,” Bernadette added.

In addition to assisting us with our design and branding efforts this year, BC Design Haus will be present at our interactive space where, without giving too many details, the company plans to “share an engaging and thought-provoking activity.”

Be sure to stop by BC Design Haus’ table at our interactive space on September 22!

To learn more about BC Design Haus, you can visit its Facebook, Yelp, and LinkedIn pages.

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