Thank you, Meraki.Social

Earlier this year, digital marketing agency Meraki.Social gave us a much needed hand with our website, and we’re excited to share a little bit about them with all of you! One of Meraki.Social’s cofounders, Ben Currie, gave us the scoop on what the agency (which is approaching its third year anniversary!) is all about.

Tell us about yourself and what you do.

I’m one of Three founders of Meraki.Social, along with Elizabeth Estes and Mary Fechtig. Throughout each day, I wear many hats to deliver digital marketing services to the healthcare brands we serve.

Tell us about Meraki.Social.

We founded Meraki.Social with the idea that great work comes when talented people are provided a fun, flexible environment where they have the freedom to try new things and be authentic in everything they do. We all work from home in five time zones and two to three (depending on the day) countries. “Most of us know and have previously worked with one another, so there’s a great deal of trust with one another. When we hire someone new, it often feels like we are getting the band back together.”
Meet the Meraki.Social team!

On your website, there’s a tab dedicated to smalltruism. What is that and why is it important to Meraki.Social?

We want to do more than our jobs, and we want to try and make the world a better place. To that end, our creative team came up with the idea of “Smalltruism,” or small acts of kindness that can have a monumental impact upon the lives of others. To help foster this idea, at the beginning of each year, we give our employees an envelope of cash for precisely that purpose. Whenever they run into someone who is in need of a little help, they’re free to use their Smalltruism money as they see fit. The only rule is that the gift must be given anonymously and the giver must expect nothing in return.

How did you get involved with TEDxPasadena?

Bryan Kett, a TEDx speaker, texted and said a friend needed help with a website. There were three magical words in his text: friend, help, and website. We like helping friends and we know websites. It was a no brainer. After all, it’s kinda what we do.

What is it like to work with TEDxPasadena?

Rewarding. We all know the TED brand. It’s our place for inspiration and stimulation. Plus, we know TEDx because one of our own has a super-funny and eye-opening talk. Fortunately, the TEDx team is also super nice, smart, and just a joy to work with.

What is your favorite TED/TEDx talk and why?

It’s Not Easy Seeing Green: The Complexities Of Color Blindness | Bryan Kett | TEDxPasadena

We like it because it is everyone’s favorite. We’re biased, but we’re allowed to be 🙂

To learn more about Meraki.Social, click here.

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