A new partnership with Breakthru Fitness, a local business that values community

Breakthru Fitness, Pasadena

When the owners of Breakthru Fitness in Pasadena became a sponsor of TEDxPasadena in June, they decided to do so because of a shared value with us: community.

“We believe our community is a KEY ingredient to long-term fitness success,” said Phil Dozois, who, along with his wife Michelle, have been leaders in Pasadena’s fitness community for the past 17 years.

Phil describes his business as “the ultimate mash-up of great classes, fun and effective fitness programs, and a devoted community,” and a one-of-a-kind hybrid that combines three cutting-edge fitness studios with a boutique health club for people who are ready to get fit and have fun doing it. Throughout the last 17 years, he and Michelle have created multiple programs for a broad range of clients including first-time exercisers, elite athletes, grade-schoolers, and special needs athletes.

It’s Breakthru Fitness’ radically supportive community that Phil credits as the business’ “secret sauce.” The supportive and positive energy, clean and welcoming atmosphere, and mission – Show up. Get fit. We got you. – are all designed to work for its members, which is why they keep coming back, he says.

The Dozoises also work to incorporate new ideas into their business, which they base on community-related factors, including employee wellness and member feedback. Breakthru Fitness values the exchange of ideas – similarly to TED – and is constantly tweaking and adjusting its programs to be as effective and welcoming as possible.

“Like Breakthru, TEDxPasadena helps to cultivate a community of curious, creative and civic-minded individuals, who are seeking ways to improve themselves and their world,” he said.

In addition to valuing community, the Dozoises’ business also values connection, education, and inspiration.

“TEDxPasadena provides a valuable forum for the sharing of ideas and points of view. And since TEDx is a non-profit organization, we feel compelled to do our part to pitch in and support such an amazing organization that touches so many lives,” Phil said.

He added that Breakthru Fitness is honored and excited to be part of our upcoming event.

“Heather and the rest of the team at TEDxPasadena have done an amazing job bringing together great people for a great cause. I’d love to see other businesses participate as we have in this transformational journey.”

As our Sept. 22 event inches closer, so does a big milestone for Breakthru Fitness: its 10th anniversary at its current location. In light of the big event, the Dozoises will be launching new programs to get and stay fit and healthy.

To learn more about Breakthru Fitness, click here.

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