We’re delighted this year to be continuing our partnership with a company that has supported us since 2016.

Bolton & Company (also known as Bolton & Co.), is a full-service insurance broker based in California that handles the employee benefits, property and casualty and personal risk management needs for thousands of clients across the globe. It’s something the company has done for nearly a century.

Fun fact: Bolton & Co. has been named one of the best places to work by the Los Angeles Business Journal for six consecutive years!

During its first year as a partner, Bolton & Co. vice president of personal risk management Jessica Gunnar said the company felt that the event was a huge success. So, it wanted to continue its relationship with TEDxPasadena.

Jessica Gunnar, Bolton & Co. vice president of personal risk management

“We have long history of supporting our local nonprofits and community,” Jessica said. “TEDxPasadena was a great way for us to continue that support and also gives our clients/prospects an experience they would hopefully never forget. It is now an annual event on our calendar we look forward to every year!”

Gunnar added that the company is proud and excited to support TEDxPasadena’s annual conferences.

“Empowering people and motivating people in a live setting is life changing. The topics that are discussed at TEDx are not always easy to hear, but they cause you to get a little uncomfortable, take a look inside and possibly impact some change,” she said. “Being at an event with people who look different, think different, vote different and have different beliefs is an amazing way to connect and build relationships you might not have otherwise. We are in a time where we need more connection and we need better understanding of each other. I think TEDx causes an impact in this space.”

You can find out more about Bolton & Co. by visiting the company’s website here.

In addition to supporting our mission by partnering with us, Bolton & Co. raises money for charities every year through an annual company fundraiser called the Bolton Foundation Throw Down. More information about the company’s fundraising event next year can be found here.

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